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Dirt Bike Extreme 1.0

Reach your maximum speed in a motorcycle race with this free game
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Race games are very popular among kids and grownups. In this free game, you are the pilot of a speed motorcycle running in a tournament and competing with other seasoned runners.
The game itself is rather simple. You need to control your motorcycle while running across the track, which is full of hills and plains. Also, you can jump in your bike to catch different prizes that are floating in the air. This may sound simple, but you need a good deal of practice to control the vehicle and avoid overturns and falls, which will make you run slower and waste time while recovering.

Before attempting the main race, you can practice by checking your abilities in a time trial, which has 12 levels. You can try them one by one, starting from the first one, or run them randomly.

Once you are prepared, then you can run in the main race. Here, you will run against four other runners. Here, you need to start from the first level, since the others are locked. To unlock the second level, you need to win in the first one, and so forth. Also, when you unlock a new level, you can go to the garage to tune up your bike or change it altogether.

Besides the fact that you need to practice a lot to become proficient, the game also has other drawbacks. First of all, it has only a third-person view. It would be more exciting to play the game in first-person. Also, since all the tracks look the same, the game can get boring after a while.

That said, if you like race games, then you may like this one.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Practice before the main race
  • It has different difficulty levels
  • Tune up your bike in the garage


  • You need to practice a lot to become proficient in the game
  • It does not have a first-person view
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